Why I Quit Blaming Myself

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash

The fault is yours,
Of course, it is.
I wondered while the fight was going on.
And then I wondered,
Is it ever his fault?
How can someone feel they are right all along?

As the anger fades,
The pain sets in.
As the tears flow,
The heart starts to heal.

And then the veil of self-blame fades,
And the rational mind kicks in.

Stop taking the blame,
You are not wrong.
If my honesty has such a heavy price,
Then the person must be wrong.
If respect flies out the window,
Is there a relationship at all?

I quit,
Those constant self-blame thoughts.
I stood up,
And ended it all.
I realised that when love becomes control,
Walking away is hard,
But it’s the vital call.

And then it all appeared,
As the mind and heart had a safe space to feel it all.
Your mind knows when you are wrong,
You know when to apologise,
But you’re not to blame for it all.
If the relationship mattered,
The effort would have been both ways.
And the self-blame wouldn’t have existed,
As before you could feel the pain,
The fight would have been a distant memory.

Thank you Yana Bostongirl for this thought-provoking prompt.

This prompt made me realise that if honesty has a brutal price, then walking away is a wise choice.

Also do read this compassionate piece by I. Trudie Palmer as she rightly says:

“Sometimes we have to learn to politely say “no, not today””

Thanks so much for your time.



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