When Your Mind Is at War — Please Wait It Out, Please

Don’t let your mind convince you that this is the end. You know it’s not!

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“The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

You know how your mind just can’t stop thinking. Like it’s constantly reminding you of the things you don’t want to think about? You know in your heart that there are things to be grateful about but no matter how much you push your mind to think about them, it just doesn’t.

You then ask yourself, what is it that you want? What is that thing which will make you feel a bit better than what you were feeling the previous minute? Do you need a break? Do you need something nice to eat or you want to walk with nature? Anything that restores your mental peace.

However, in some situations, escaping the situation you’re in is not possible. No matter how much you want your heart and mind to be someplace else, you have to sit it out and wait. Wait for your current emotions to pass.

Find Your Happy Place

We all hope that tomorrow will be better. Even though today didn’t go as planned you hope that the coming days will bring in some sunshine and so you make plans with friends and family. But to continue your frustration streak, people have other plans and that leaves you with yourself.

Living in your mind is like a double-edged sword. It can eat you up of all positivity or it will make you stronger. What matters is how we somehow convince ourselves that we are able to deal with things on our own. Sometimes we want to workout and get those endorphins going. Sometimes you want to escape into a book which works to refresh your mind and improve your language skills. Sometimes you wish to draw or paint. Sometimes you want to sit idle in a café and journal your thoughts and in return you drink three cups of coffee because your thoughts don’t end. We all find some form of a happy place to get us to a place where we don’t lose our minds.

Everyone is dealing with their own mess and taking out time is a challenge. Then what remains is yourself and how we must live with the war in our minds. The universe, I firmly believe puts us in situations where we want to scream but we choose to repress them hoping that if we stay calm today it will all be worth it when the happy days arrive.

Life is hard, I know and it’s hard to keep being punched in the gut. But you and I deserve compassion and hugs for just hanging in there waiting for the punches to heal. So just wait. Just hang in there a little bit longer. Do whatever it takes to divert your mind and engage in activities that don’t require others.

Go for that walk, bike ride, run, journal anywhere you like and just wait for that internal storm to pass. Because even though your mind is driving you insane as you deal with tough situations, the patience that you are building right now, the words that you are choosing to read and that mental space you are giving yourself by simply breathing, it will all be worth it no matter how much your mind is saying otherwise.

Hugs and love. Hang in there.

Thanks so much for your time!



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