What Happens When Old Girlfriends Meet?

It feels like a catharsis but in a good way.

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“There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.”

What happens when girlfriends meet? It’s more than you think.

They show you the mirror and you have no option but to reveal your authentic self. There is humour, there is fun involved in conversations. But there is also raw honesty.

Let me share my recent experience with my girlfriends.

When We Celebrate Flaws

I had to go to a bachelorette party that involved me and three other women. Two of them were my college friends. We have known one another since we were 17 and grew up observing the wonderful women we have become today.

So, when girlfriends gather after a long time and are confined to one room, the first thing that I observed is how we dropped the armour of pretence.

You cannot hide behind swimsuits. That scar, stretch mark, flabby arms, and legs, they are all in front. And when we all stand next to each other we realise how perfect it is to be imperfect.

But here is the beauty of it all — we laugh and embrace our flaws. We uplift one another by saying how these flaws are beautiful. How our skin glows when we smile and hug one another. How we must feel confident no matter what the body type. How when we shed our bathrobes and enter the swimming pool, let people look at the gorgeous you. When women uplift women, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks about you.

The Rise of Comfort Levels

As we had a time of our lives in the pool and went back to our hotel rooms, the next phenomenon that I noticed slowly being developed is the rise in comfort levels. When your body is tired after a good swim, the mind feels tired too and that’s when we reveal our deepest troubles.

Wine poured and simple food to accompany the refreshing liquid and unfiltered conversations. What more can one ask for from life? When women share their troubles, you don’t feel lonely anymore. You realise how our battles are the same only the environment is different. And when we reveal the things that haunt us, we realise that it’s all in our head and we are not the only ones going through the same hell.

But it’s always not all that serious. Once the wine and dancing kicks in the conversations turn towards how we can find sunshine through it all. How we are strong enough when we have the support of girlfriends. How we must stop saying yes to everything and fight for our mental peace. How we deserve more weekend getaways despite people constantly making us aware of our responsibilities.

You see while we are swimming in our world of problems, we need someone looking from the outside in. We need a mirror telling us how we are doing and how we must give credit to ourselves for our fight where it is due. And who better to hold us accountable than a group of women who understand your mental and biological worries?

Life is unpredictable and what you need the most appears when it is needed. I probably needed this reality check about my life through this bachelorette. And if life is kind, I will have more lovely encounters with my girlfriends. (Fingers crossed).

But through it all what I learnt in life will put you in situations and events where someone will show you the mirror and that too by the people who have your best interests at heart. And how will you know that the person thinks about your wellbeing? Well, when they are holding you accountable, you won’t feel like someone is punching you in the gut. It will feel like a hug and the conversation will feel freeing and uplifting. And then you will know that aha! I just had a catharsis and the best part, it was done with smiles, humour, and hugs.

Thanks so much for your time!



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