What Do You Do When It’s Just Not Your Day?

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“There’s nothing wrong with having a bad day. Let yourself feel those emotions because every emotion is validated.”

— Iskra Lawrence

Have you ever had a day when nothing works? Where all your efforts go down the drain, and you wonder what’s wrong? Where you feel that you don’t deserve this, and you keep hitting dead ends?

Truth alert — It’s just not your day.

When I was in degree college, my lectures would start at 7 AM. I would try and get everything done as early as possible to catch the 6:30 AM local bus. But there were days when even though I would make it on time to the bus stop, the bus would arrive late, and that would spiral into a series of unfortunate events such as –

  • I arrived late for my first lecture and thus had to miss it entirely.
  • As the second lecture starts, I would have to suffer prying eyes and unwanted questions.
  • I would have to ask someone to share their notes kindly. (Back then, I wasn’t a fan of asking favours)

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Then I grew up and entered the world of corporate meetings. Now, as you know, time is of the essence for such discussions. But invariably, while catching the train to make it on time, a crow decides to relieve itself on your favourite dress, and you need to go back to change. By the time you reach (panting), your hair and makeup have gone for a toss.

You barely make it to the meeting and settle down while ignoring prying eyes and get down to what you have to say. You switch on your laptop, and invariably it decides to install updates delaying things further.

Then you somehow survive the meeting and settle at your desk when you receive a list of emails that you didn’t see coming. While scanning through them, you accept the further devastating news that a client has decided to drop in without prior notice, and your job is on the line if you don’t come up with something quick and valuable to retain their interest.

Your day is nothing less than a series of unfortunate events, and you wonder why this is happening to you.

Just Let It Pass

While these may be trivial life events, some of us go through significant setbacks during one day that changes the course of your life. These events could be a breakup, someone fell seriously ill and had to be rushed to the hospital, losing a person close to you, a fallout with a close friend and so on.

Some days are tough, and on those days, all you need to do is let it pass.

There is a famous saying that goes like this –

“If something won’t matter in 5 years, don’t waste more than 5 minutes worrying about it now.”

Easy to say but very difficult to follow.

You see, the tough days test our patience levels and how much can be dealt with. It’s in these unforgiving days that we realise our potential. It’s in these days that we understand how much we are capable of dealing with. But surely, we must remember that we need to be compassionate towards ourselves when we deal with tough days.

A Few Tips to Survive a Bad Day

So how do we heal from the series of unfortunate events that happened in one day? Here are some tips that might help -

  • Let it pass — When nothing goes right, remember to hang in there and let it pass. You may have noticed that when you cannot think of any solution on one day, the answer appears the following day out of the blue.
  • Talk about it — When you’re finally in your comfy pyjamas, pick up the phone and talk about your day with someone. Don’t think if someone is busy. Just call. For all you know, they are going through a tough day, too, and your phone call was a blessing in disguise.
  • Write about it — This is a healthy way to vent all your frustration, but at the same time, it becomes a souvenir in the future. It’s a great way to measure how much you’ve grown and when you think you cannot get over a challenging situation in the future, this very journal entry will remind you of how far you have come, and you can survive this situation too.
  • If you went through it, there is a lesson — Sometimes, we cannot fathom what happened in one day. We keep revolving around the question ‘why?’. But remember that life lessons don’t happen in an instant. They appear with time when you least expect it. We have got to be patient for it to appear.

Tough days are just as important as the good ones, just like a piano’s white and black keys. Both are equally important to create sweet melodies of life. Both are essential for us to lead a life filled with meaning, and both are equally important if we want to grow.

Remember, it’s just not your day today. But tomorrow, everything will make sense.

Hang in there.

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