This Is the Best Way to Deal with the Wave of Sadness

Talk, write and spend time with yourself. And then this wave too shall pass.

Sujona Chatterjee
4 min readAug 23, 2023
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“Sadness flies away on the wings of time.”

~ Jean de La Fontaine

Today, as my alarm rang, all I wanted to do was stay in bed. I somehow forced myself to get out of bed. They say when you feel sad, you should exercise. So, after a good 45 minutes of exercise, I felt better. Until that sinking feeling returned.

When we walk into our office environment or maybe go visit a mall, we spot thousands of people. Some people smile, some look lost whereas some are blissfully unaware of what’s going on around. We somehow manage to get through our day as usual. We bury that constantly sinking feeling while we distract ourselves at work. And then as we call it a night and lay awake in bed, it feels like someone stepped on our heart and wants to crush it into a million pieces.

We all cannot be happy all the time. We go through what I call waves of sadness. This sadness may be a result of lack of sleep, unresolved feelings, a fall out of a relationship or an overwhelming feeling of handling too many things at the same time. Some of us wish that everything would be taken care of by someone else for once. Sometimes the independent souls need the most care as they too are human and need someone to help them out once in a while.

As my sinking feeling made its appearance after two hours, I decided to talk about my feelings. I texted a few of my closest friends and I am so grateful for their words. I texted them that I am feeling overwhelmed and my self-worth has gone for a toss. To that they replied such encouraging words that I had to share them here –

“Hi bestie, everything is alright. There are days which are bad and days which are good. Sometimes some events lead to these questions in your mind. But don’t worry it’s just an illusion and you are far better than these self-doubts. Just keep trusting yourself and do what you do best”.

“I am sorry, trust me the only ones who have the heart and the brains to question oneself…are the ones who are willing to learn and work hard and also grow”.

“Its okay to feel low sometimes. I’m sure you will feel better soon. That’s how life is. We have to go with the flow and take ‘one day at a time’. Nothing is permanent. No matter how bad the situation is, it will change. So, cheer up. I always tell myself, ‘This too shall pass’.”

You often feel that only you get these waves of sadness. You wonder how it is that people mask their troubles so well and get on with their day. But if we only have the courage to message people and tell them how we feel, we won’t feel so alone anymore.

As we age, we somehow learn to show our weak self only in front of those that we can trust. Some situations in life wreck our existence and it shows up on our face. People ask what’s wrong but we have learnt our lessons and we only feel comfortable opening up with those who won’t judge and most importantly give us their complete attention.

Confiding in my friends and writing about my feelings gave me a sense of security and comfort. We know that only we can save ourselves from the situation we are in but sharing our pain somehow makes it easier to deal with.

So, if you’re feeling a wave of sadness, somehow get yourself up and get on with your day. Our minds need a break from the space we are in and need a distraction of some sort. It acts like a breathing space for the mind and once we are done with the day, we find a way to get out of the situation or rather be more confident in dealing with our pain.

Waves of sadness hit us at the most unexpected times. But we must not let it consume us. If I learnt something valuable from today’s experience, the best way to deal with it is to write, communicate and spend some quality time with ourselves. Eventually when the sun sets and we drift into sleep, the next day won’t be so sad and like the change in seasons, we too get back to our stable, secure and wonderful selves.

Thanks so much for your time!



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