There Is Only So Much I Can Keep Up Within a Day

No matter how hard I try, something somewhere always goes amiss.

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“No matter what you do or where you are, you’re going to be missing out on something.”

Writing for me is an act of detachment. When I write, I am focused on my thoughts, and thus I am not thinking of the things that happened throughout the day, what is currently happening or what will happen.

Like writing, most of us find something to do that helps not focusing on the current overwhelming situation. Some draw, paint, listen to music, cook, read, watch a movie, etc. But now, in this cycle of ‘did you know about this’, I feel we need to spend more time on such activities.

When WhatsApp and a few other social apps went down for a couple of hours, it took me back to my childhood. A time when none existed and the activities that we do sparingly now was back then a part of our routine.

But with time, we all evolve, and the only way to progress is to change with changing times. But lately, I have started to feel a bit overwhelmed with the act of keeping up.

The Never-Ending Thoughts

Every day we are exposed to tonnes of content. Some disturbing, some that help us grow and some that will help us make a better future. But amidst this availability of information, we feel a mental burnout and now have difficulties sit still for one moment.

There isn’t anyone to blame. We all must do a million things to earn a living. But in the process of doing so, we make less time for ourselves and the people we love.

In all this, what is the most difficult when we have a few moments where we have nothing to do but wait for sleep to arrive.

So many times, I realise the buzzing thoughts in my head and wonder, ‘gosh, my mind needs to stop thinking so much’. Maybe it’s just me who feels this way, but mentally before going to bed, I think of all the calls I need to make, the errands I need to run, the emails I need to send and the reminders I need to set for the next day.

No Matter How Hard I Try — I Will Miss Out on Something

But as I drank my afternoon cup of tea, something just hit me. I cannot keep with everything. Something will go amiss, and I must stop feeling guilty about it.

That call I forgot to make, that errand I missed, that reminder I forgot to set will have consequences, but they can be dealt with. Ultimately what I can do is try my best and survive.

In a professional or personal setting, we make to-do lists. That’s a healthy way to function. But no matter how much of a routine we set, there will be moments of deviation.

What do we do then? Do we say no to them? No. At that moment, we must deal with it, and everything else must wait.

We must stop telling ourselves that we are responsible for everything and tell ourselves that we will listen to the beneficial information. But the ones that require a future action, I will tackle on that given day.

We all have responsibilities to cater to. And to top that, every day, we deal with unforeseen circumstances. That’s life, I agree. But constantly thinking about our worries and our responsibilities will lead us nowhere.

There have been moments in my life when I just let things be and magic happens. For instance, something happens when I feel too tired and don’t feel like meeting my friend, and the plan gets postponed. When I stop thinking about the result of my actions at work, invariably, a positive email will show up in my inbox.

Thus, when we let things be and tell ourselves enough, there is only so much we can deal with at the moment, the mind and body loosen up, and you feel the tension leaving your body.

Remember, what has to happen will happen anyway, and no matter how much we try, some things will always be out of our control. All we can do is be our best at this very moment called ‘the present’.

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