Reads That Touched Me — May Edition

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Use it as a distraction or use it as a way to find some peace. Use it as an escape or use it to enrich your mind. Whatever may be your reason, reading has a personal benefit to us all.

Life has a funny way of showing us why we must get back to the thing we love the most. We may deviate through distractions which is healthy but life also lets us know when we must get back to that one thing that makes us thrive.

For me writing and reading has always been my first love because it lifted me up when I was at my lowest and right now too its lifting me up when I am dealing with a tsunami of emotions.

So, I bring you another edition of reads that touched me. I have to share these words because if they inspired me then it is my duty to share and inspire others. After all when we heal together, we heal the world. 😊

This is what keeps the writer in me alive. The immense faith in me showed by a fantastic human being and writer Art Bram. I cannot thank you enough and I feel so blessed to have your unconditional love and support. Thank you so much for being you and encouraging writers to write from the heart. Hugs.

Aren’t friendships like the best thing ever? Here is a story of how I met the amazing Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles that moved me to tears. Enjoy!

Jealousy can destroy or jealousy can transform us. In this soul moving poem by Dharan.M, learn about the ways jealousy can become our greatest strength.

Thank you, Shameem Anwar highlighting a brilliant story in your inspiring write up. Loved it! This had to be shared.

What would it be like if social media platforms turned antisocial. Find out in this brilliant yet entertaining piece by the lovely A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai).

The title itself was so creative I just had to share. I loved this wonderful piece by Ali and I am sure you will love it too.

That’s all peeps. Thanks so much for reading. If you liked this edition and would like to catch up on the previous ones, click on the link below.

Reads That Touched Me

7 stories

Have a fantastic day and month ahead. See you at the next edition.




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