Reads That Touched Me — March Edition

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This month has been nothing less than a roller coaster. With significant schedule change and struggling to make time to write, I somehow made some time to dive into amazing write ups from the lovely writers on Medium.

When life seems like its going in a direction that makes no sense, what gives us even the slightest bit of hope is that we all are struggling in some way. And when we read inspiring stories on how people navigate their life, we get hope that we can also figure things out if we just wait and let things unfold the way it must.

Below are a few stories that touched my heart. Hope it touches you in some way.

In this wonderful and heartfelt poem, Neha Sonney, Author expresses how we will eventually reach our desired destination but for now lets enjoy the present. :)

Are happy people truly happy or are they on some pill? Can a change of thought ignite happiness? Get your answers in this beautiful write up from my ‘home away from home’ — Joseph Lieungh.

Smile! it can do wonders and Neera Handa Dr’s post highlights some of the wonders caused by a simple and free smile. :)

Some poems fill you with warmth. Do read this heart touching poem by Roo Benjamin.

In this hard hitting and fantastic poem by M.T. Pariti, explore the harsh truth of life from the lens of ‘The Boy Under The Boardwalk’.

Somethings just don’t make sense and this is highlighted in a beautiful fictional story by Amanda Gravely.

Some stories create such an impact that they leave you emotional but in a good way. Do read this spectacular write up by the amazing Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles and let go of all your emotional baggage. And if you’re wondering how and where to begin, let this story help you.

Some inspiring stories leave you emotional and inspire every nerve in your body. Thank you Winston for sharing this fantastic write up that will help everyone see their life from a different perspective and be grateful for life while dealing with its hardships. :)

Turning the big ‘30’? I am in April and I loved every point on this list. Thank you Chelsea Mancini for sharing these incredible life lessons. :)

Thanks peeps for reading. This was a short list as time and I were struggling to make peace. Lets welcome April and its accompanying heat with ice creams and buttermilk (India’s summer special homemade soothing drink).

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Reads That Touched Me

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