Reads That Touched Me — February Edition

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“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.”

— E. Y. Harburg

This month ‘self-care’ must have been the most used word. If not, then it should as the month of love is about all kinds of love. But what I also love is the love we share with one another through words. A group of words attached to form a story that touches you in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Like you read one story before bed and wake up feeling energised. Or that story made you feel less lonely. Or when you read one story and felt ‘oh my goodness, the author read my mind’. That’s the beauty of words.

So, let’s get straight to this month’s stories that moved me. Isolate yourself with your preferred beverage and tuck into comfy clothes. Because its time to dive into stories that are worth your time, and you deserve to disconnect and feel inspired. And to me that is another form of self-care. Don’t you think?

So often we carry unwanted burdens. It’s time we let them go and this wonderful write up by Julie Lynn will help you identify your unwanted burdens and why you must let it go.

Sometimes we wish to ignore that voice in our head and get back to the present moment. This beautiful poem by Bara highlights this topic with a heart touching poem.

I am always referred to as the tall one. Rightly so, at 5'10, I was sick of the question, ‘how is the weather up there’. But then I focused on myself and understood that their behaviour speaks more about them than me.

Here is a beautiful write up by Katharine Valentino on what it means to embrace your tall, (short or any self )and be a boss at it!

Breaking up with your best friend is probably one of the toughest things to do. In this wonderful write up by April Moons, learn how to deal with the grief and move past to a life that is meant to be.

While scrolling our social media feed, we feel inadequate. However there is a simple way to not feel inadequate and this lovely write up by Erica Marie explains how.

In this fantastic write up by my dear friend Julia Winsa, explore why self-esteem is the need of the hour and how it can impact our relationships.

With time we age and the body shows the signs. But that’s nothing to be feared. In fact we must embrace it with a open heart and to help you with the same, do read this beautiful write up by Laura Alr.

Some Valentine’s Day stories are filled with vital life lessons. Do read Scot Butwell’s life changing story that started on the day of love.

When faced with tough situations, how do we create a mindset that looks at the silver lining? Let this insightful write up by Labman Perspectives show you.

Here is how Frederik Verhagen used the power of storytelling to instil vital lessons. It’s such a thought-provoking yet beautiful read.

A thought-provoking question answered in the most sophisticated yet impactful manner by Edward Robson, PhD, MFA.

Love is like a roller coaster that evolves you through the ups and downs. In this fantastic poem by Christine Graves, dive into her ‘emotions of the past’ that eventually lead to freedom.

So often we come across write ups where you can feel the effort the writer has put in to ensure we learn a bunch of stuff. Thank you Ali Hall for sharing with us some simple yet vital tools to communicate better and form deeper and long lasting connections. :)

Dive into this feel good and soul fulfilling write up by Marina Palmarini where she answers how we can find true happiness.

If you’re trying to manifest your Ex back, wait till you read this fantastic write up by Ethereal Being.

When negativity calls out to you, this wonderful poem by Ghina Zaidi will help you find the positivity amidst the chaos of emotions.

Being alone sucks! — This statement will change once you read this fantastic write up by Misti Lynn.

That’s all folks! Thank you so much for making the time to read through this list. Truly grateful. Let’s welcome March with open arms as spring awaits us.

Reads That Touched Me

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