People are Seasonal — Some Stay, Some Return and Some, You Never Wish to See Again

No matter which season you form relationships in, every season was a lesson you had to endure to be your awesome self.

Sujona Chatterjee
4 min readMay 23


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“People go but how they left always stays”
— Rupi Kaur

People are like seasons. Ever changing, ever evolving. Some are like autumn leaves. They fall apart and disappear from our lives. Whereas some remain constant like the sun. They are always with us and help us survive terrible storms.

We meet countless people in our lives. From childhood till where we are right now, many people come and go. But each of them teaches us something valuable that shapes our perception of the world.

The Ones Who Stood by Us

We are often surprised by those people who see that we are worthy of love. Sometimes we wonder what on earth they see in us and give us so much love. When you ask them why they never left, they seem to tell us that we have been there for them in unexpected ways.

Some people love us unconditionally. They can see through our intentions and don’t judge us for our mistakes. Rather, they can understand the reason behind our actions and help us reason out our actions.

Those who stood by us are the gems of our life. They don’t run if we consciously or unconsciously hurt them. Rather they will argue and help us find solutions to the problem and ensure the relationship is stronger than ever.

The Ones Who Returned

In every phase of our life, we meet people and learn from them. They stay with us for a particular phase and part ways. Years go by and you think of them sometimes. But you don’t know every detail of their life as you used to.

As you mature, you don’t hold grudges against such people. Rather you understand that life happens and people have different priorities. You understand that people are facing battles we have no clue about. And you secretly pray for their well-being whenever you think of them.

But life is nothing but a mystery that unfolds one day at a time. One morning you wake up to a message from someone that you knew well but lost touch with. Or you happen to see a post on social media and leave a comment. That’s when the friendship that was at rest suddenly wakes up and you pick up the relationship from where you left off.

As you try and catch up on all those years that you weren’t in touch, you realise that you needed this time apart to grow and mature in your individual ways. Once you mature and learn the lessons that life was teaching you, the right set of people return to your life with a mindset that is similar to yours.

Note, that not all those who return will stay. But do know that those who return and who try and meet you halfway in your intention to stay in touch, those are the ones who will stay with you in your life here on.

Those Ones You Wish Never Return

Then there are those people whom we are terrified, disappointed or disgusted with. We never want to see them ever again because the pain they caused was unbearable. As time starts to heal your wounds, you somehow find it within you to forgive them for the pain they inflicted.

You realise that forgiveness helps you let go of people. When you forgive, you are no longer attached to them or you are no longer allowing yourself to be associated with them. You turn the pain into lessons and learn that never again will you treat yourself or allow anyone else to treat you that way.

As life goes on, only a few people remain. They can be of any age group and you find your solace in them. If you have such people in your life, hold on to them and let them know how grateful you are for them and for accepting you and loving you unconditionally.

But through it all, always remember, the ones who got away taught you the most important lessons and made you realise your potential to fight back and get yourself up every time you thought you couldn’t survive the pain. The ones who returned, they taught you how to heal and they returned when you needed them the most. The ones who stood by you, they push you to be your authentic self and give you the courage to challenge yourself and pursue your purpose.

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