If the Goal Is to Stay Busy — Why Not Stay Busy Crafting Our Story

Who knows, while we were sharing our struggle, someone didn’t give up on their dream.

Sujona Chatterjee
3 min readApr 30, 2023
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“Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.”

- Napoleon Hill

We all are fighting. Struggling with our inner battles that people have no clue about. Some are trying to make peace with their decisions. Some are unable to decide. Some are falling in love and some are coming to terms with the fact that this relationship they thought would last forever, now needs to end.

Some are looking for an excuse to stay away from home, whereas some are waiting to go home. Everyone is dealing with a turmoil of emotions and they keep wondering why we are going through this very situation.

Is there ever a reason for why we go through the things we do? Why deal with situations that make no sense and yet we must endure the struggle.

While travelling to work I observe the people ruminating in their own thoughts. That girl in the local bus wondering will she reach work on time, that guy on the motorbike wondering will he crack his sales target.

That upper class CEO in his Mercedes, probably wondering if his merger will come through. That mom with her child in the rikshaw hoping she is the first one at the doctor’s clinic.

These are all the assumptions I make while I stare at their worried faces.

A Matter of Perspective

We all wish we could see what lies ahead. We somehow want to know how far is the finish line. While we spend 90% of our time away from home doing the things we may or may not love, we just wish that happiness will soon knock on our door.

That’s what city life is all about. Struggle is the new normal and competition is what keeps people going. To pause and take a break is not an option as if you do, that opportunity is missed.

For some, they don’t fret what they have lost. They tell themselves that the opportunity was never theirs to begin with. Yes, it is a matter of perspective, but for someone looking from the outside in, both are following the same road.

I for one have stopped questioning my battles. Why, because I haven’t received my answers yet. When I do, I will write about it.

But while we are dealing with these barriers in the background, why not focus on the good stuff? Why not work on our strengths that people have no clue about. Why not take that risk and finally make time to do what we love doing the most?

So often I find myself minimizing that email and ranting my thoughts on a word document. You see when you love what you do, you have to get it out of your system before you can carry on with your day.

Instead of waiting for things to work out, lets focus the remainder of our energy to the things we find peace in. We cannot keep waiting for things to fall in place. They will fall in place eventually. But waiting for it to happen is a sheer waste of time.

Let’s divert our mind from the pain and channel it towards the things we love. We owe it to our mind and heart to feel happy as we dedicate our lives to make a stable livelihood.

If the point is to stay busy, why not spend time expanding our minds and creating masterpieces.

Who knows, someone out there might just be inspired by your story as you wrote, painted or sketched your struggle and then shared it with the world.

Thanks so much for your time!



Sujona Chatterjee

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