How Today’s Pain Can Be a Catalyst for Tomorrow’s Success

Sometimes, pain has the power to fuel our life’s biggest transformation.

Sujona Chatterjee
3 min readMar 8, 2023
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“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
― Oprah Winfrey

There comes a time in life when you have to turn your life around. As everything that you thought was true, turns out to be a lie. The people you trust, gave you the harshest betrayals and whom you thought was your biggest ally, turns out they stabbed you in the back.

Such is life.

We break, feel like we hit rock bottom. It gets so bad that you don’t realise when the tears fall and when they dry. You feel numb and don’t know if you will ever feel happy again.

But here is the strange thing about pain. Every day, as the sun rises and sets, the intensity of the pain reduces. You begin to detach from the pain as you fill your void with things that drive you towards a purpose. You work hard to heal and in this healing journey you inspire other people. Slowly but surely, you transform yourself into a much stronger individual that you never thought could happen.

Transformation is a result of unforeseen circumstances. We never expect life to shock us but it always does at a time that is relevant to us. Nothing ever happens without a reason. We realise that time and time again when long periods of time pass by, we get answers to questions asked a long time ago.

Therefore if you are hurting right now and feel like it’s the end of the world, do know that time right now feels like an enemy. But it will turn out to be your best friend as it never leaves you, helps you self-analyse and most importantly provides you with answers when you least expect it.

I know in times like these, we question our judgements. We wonder how we could not see through people’s innocence and false promises. But maybe we had to fall into their trap to beware of it happening the next time. And most importantly to understand how you are to be treated. How you deserve to set high standards for yourself because of the kind and giving person that you are. How you worked immensely hard to evolve yourself and to let go of trivial animosity that people have against you. How you know that now you are far ahead in life to pay attention to superficial respect and humour.

As seasons, we change. We hurt, scars leave a mark on our soul and the lessons come rushing in when we spot something untoward approaching. We spotted the red flags miles before and this was only possible because we went through the hurt.

When we start looking back and connecting the dots, we realise that everything had to happen the way it did. That everything we went through is the reason why we worked hard towards our passion. Because as rockets need a push to reach the sky, life knocks us down giving us the momentum to make our life more meaningful. Pain gives us the reason to transform our lives if we choose to channel that pain towards working on our purpose.

If we didn’t fall and self-analyse, we would never take steps towards our intended path. And thus, today’s pain can turn into tomorrow’s success. If only we act in the present, never look back or reflect about what transpired and have faith that one day everything will make sense.

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