How Picking Up Fallen Flowers Set Me Free from People’s Opinions

Photo by Joel Holland on Unsplash

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”

— Leonardo da Vinci

I was a shy kid. When guests would arrive at home, I would wait until my mom told me that it was okay to leave. I would look into her eyes so that she could get the hint of how uncomfortable I was. And the moment she looked and uttered the word, ‘go’, I would run as if my life depended on it.

Fast forward to when I turned sixteen. That’s when we teens enter college life. A place where you interact with people from diverse backgrounds and explore unique mindsets. This was where I had to let go of my inhibitions and let my inner voice take flight.

It Was Always About Others

It wasn’t easy to walk into a classroom full of eyes staring at you and waiting for you to speak. But I knew that this was do or die, and I had to make the most of the opportunities given.

It worked, as when I shut the voices in my head and pretended as if I was all alone, my thoughts struck every soul present in that classroom.

After graduation and post-graduation, it was time to enter the corporate world. I thought that by now, I would be confident enough to place my opinions without any hesitancy.

But I was wrong. I was so focused on making a good impression that I lost my identity. If my opinions are rejected, how will I prove to others that I am worth it?

Somehow, everything turned into what others thought. What I cared for went out the window.

When Nature Sets You Free

One morning I decided to go for a morning walk in my nearby park. The air was cool, leaves rustling, and the sun just made an appearance.

I looked up to embrace the warmth of the sunlight and then looked back down. I saw a couple of flowers lying on the grass. They looked so pretty, and it felt like they wanted to be held. I bent down and started to pick them up carefully, one by one.

Until I heard the words, ‘my child, you are doing such a noble deed. Picking up the fallen ones, that’s the way one should be.’

I could never forget those words said by an older man who lived enough to know the meaning behind those simple words.

But when I turned to look at him, it turned out I gathered quite the audience.

I felt then that what I was doing wasn’t a usual scene in the park, and I just smiled. I was so engrossed staring at the fallen flowers that I didn’t bother what people thought of me.

I felt free.

Nature Teaches You Profound Life Lessons

As I walked home beaming with joy and those flowers cupped in my hand, I felt a unique kind of freedom. A freedom that you feel when you let go of what others think of you.

I reached home, placed those flowers in front of the altar, and thanked God for teaching me an important life lesson.

We cannot read minds; thus, we don’t know what others think of our actions. All we can do is have good intentions and do the things we love.

How others perceive it is their job. Our job is to do the task at hand to our best potential.

Once I stopped thinking about what people would say, I started listening to what I needed. I began to focus on what keeps me going and what excites me.

It’s fascinating when we shift our focus from others to ourselves and realise that we have so many desires, and we keep ignoring them because of others.

I went back to the park the following day, looked up at the sun and said a prayer of gratitude because nature teaches us lessons in mysterious ways.

All we need to do is shut the external noise and look within. And the moment you look within, you will find the next life lesson waiting to embrace you with open arms.

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