How Do You Feel? A Question That Has the Power to Determine Your Passion

Don’t dismiss your feelings. They might just lead you towards your intended purpose.

Sujona Chatterjee
3 min readMar 1


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“It is our feelings that guide us and they can never lead us wrong.”

⁠ — Jude Morgan

How do you feel right now? Anxious, happy, sad, frustrated? What makes you feel this way? Is it a person or a situation? Is it family or friends? Or is it simply you coming to the conclusion that your feelings are directing you towards your goals and intended path.

So often we dismiss our feelings or refuse to acknowledge what our feelings are trying to tell us. Our external noise distracts us from accepting the undying urge to cry, scream or punch just because it is the right thing to do at any given moment.

But what happens when you hit the bed at night? What happens when you’re in the shower? What happens when you just eat by yourself without any distractions? That’s the time when your feelings say, ‘hi, notice me already’?

I get it. Sometimes it’s terrifying to finally acknowledge what is truly bothering us. But let me tell you this. Our biggest goals or intentions stem from how we feel. What we are passionate about, what gives us peace. How you feel when you’re doing something is what drives us to pursue that hobby or activity lifelong.

I remember when the pandemic hit, words were my only source of expressing my feelings. The keyboard and a blank sheet of a word file was my safe space. No one to question my feelings, no one to judge how and why I feel this way, no one to pass an opinion and tell me what I must do. It was just me and the constant tapping of the keys on my keyboard.

As I vented my frustrations, I could feel within my body a tiny flame of passion. Something I couldn’t explain back then but I sat with my feelings. I tried unfolding how writing truly makes me feel. How my eyes start to twinkle, how my heart beats faster and there is this rush I couldn’t explain when words appeared on the paper.

Don’t underestimate the power of how you feel. Your feelings can reveal what you are inclined towards. It’s like when you feel lost in life, when you cannot make sense of anything. When you can’t exactly determine what the hell is bothering you. Just breathe. Just take that one moment to do that one thing that your heart feels like doing. Take a walk, exercise, read a book, talk to someone. And I promise. Your subconscious will tell you what you must do next.

When people and circumstances knock us down, we look for ways to get back up. We look for a healthy outlet of emotions and for all you know, that very thing becomes your passion.

Yes, try everything in life that will help you figure out what you want to do in your life. But while doing them, don’t dismiss your feelings. Because in the long run, there will be days when you will feel a burn out doing the things you love. You will question your career choices and your intended goals. But what will always drive you back towards your passion is how you felt doing the same.

Did your body, mind and soul ignite? Did your heart smile? Did your eyes shine? Did your chest bloom with happiness while getting completely lost in your passion? If yes, no matter how down and out you feel, no matter how many setbacks make you feel like quitting, no matter how many opinions crush your self-confidence, you will not stop doing what you love.

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