Over time you observe, analyse and then choose to switch on the ‘extrovert mode’.

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It may seem like talking to people is like a cakewalk for us extroverts. You may feel that getting that conversation going may not seem that difficult for us. You may also think that being an extrovert must be exhausting. Yes, you are right, it is. But there is another truth to being an extrovert. The fact is that we don’t want to be an extrovert all the time.

That’s why we have the ‘ambivert’. Oxford dictionary defines ambivert as –

A person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality.

To think about it, most…

While falling in love with Paris, we fell in love with you too.

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Dear Mindy,

While Emily was figuring out her life in Paris, you added the sparkle she needed to deal with everything. You were her confidante and the go-to person we all crave when life goes downhill.

We all need a Mindy, and Emily is so lucky to have you. But do you know that unconsciously you have connected with us in so many ways by just being you. Here is how –

We All Fail

Yes, it is a nightmare when you mess up in front of a thousand people. …

Ignorance is bliss.

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“It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time”.

— Alexis Ohanian

In 2010 if someone had asked me to name one member of the parliament, I would have wished the ground beneath would split and I sink right in. My tiny world would only consist of books, Mumbai Street food and movies with my mother on weekends.

Back then, we didn’t need to know everything. People wouldn’t treat me like an outcast if I didn’t know about a particular event or didn’t bother to remember this personality. …

A poem

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Take me back to when I was 4,
When my mother used to braid my hair,
and reward my every good deed with an eclair.

Take me back to when I was 9,
When scoring 12 runs in the last over for a gully cricket match,
Seemed more tense than an India-Pakistan world cup final match.

Take me back to when I was 13,
When teenage seemed like the best phase of life.
Take me back to when I was 19,
When stealing occasional glances at your crush gave your tummy butterflies.

Take me back to the year 22 when…

It’s not you; it’s your values. And your values don’t match with mine.

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“It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company”.

— George Washington

You cannot choose your family, but you do choose your friends.

They say you know when you are a grown-up when you start losing your past friendships. However, you cannot avoid the timing of people that come and go in your life. You just meet people. At work, at a coffee shop, while buying groceries — conversations just happen, and they turn into beautiful friendships.

But what if, over time, you realise that the values you believe in are different from the person you…

In an instant world, patience levels are nearing extinction.

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“The mind alone is one’s friend as well as one’s enemy”.

— Bhagavad Gita

Today, we live in an ‘instant world’. A world that functions over one phone call, and within one hour, the thing you desire reaches your doorstep.

Apart from worldly things, conversations too happen in an instant. That WhatsApp message, when delivered, we wait for the blue tick (unless someone has turned off that feature in his/her setting).

Take travelling too, for instance; people want to upload stuff the moment they reach their destination. …

Because you show what it takes to be a strong independent woman in a man’s world with sheer finesse.

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Dear Minerva McGonagall,

As there is no Hogwarts without Hagrid, Hogwarts cannot exist without you in it. Because if Dumbledore is the mind of the school, you are the heart.

If I were at Hogwarts, I would so wish to be sorted in Gryffindor only because then you would be my headmistress. And to be under your mentorship would be learning what it takes to be a strong and independent woman in a man’s world.

Your firm conviction to stand for what’s right no matter the situation was reflected in the first year when Harry was at Hogwarts. When Harry…

Because when we don’t measure the results, we always end up with — I should have never trusted them in the first place.

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Everything in life is scripted. So that makes us the actors. But in life, we don’t pretend. We focus on the ‘act’ in the word actor.

So, all we can do then is to trust our intentions. We know in our guts that what we are set to do is with the right purpose. Because whatever may be the consequences, if the meaning behind the action was correct, we check all the right boxes of the mighty ‘karma’.

Trust Score — 1–1

It’s strange. Sometimes even our well-intentioned actions result in the worst possible conclusions. …

A poem

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You broke my heart on a winter night,
It wasn’t the cold that made me tremble in plight.
It was so easy for you when you said it’s over,
How would you know the gut-wrenching pain my heart was taking over.

I went home and lay on the bed that night.
Staring at the ceiling while tears clouded my sight.
Every second felt like one minute and a minute an hour.
Time could be my biggest enemy I didn’t know so far.

Food feels bland as I have your taste in my mouth.
Perfumes sting me like bees as I once…

Even if you don’t have all the answers, enjoy every experience. That way, you at least lived, and that’s something.

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There are times when the thing you love to do the most is the very same thing you get tired of. The high of doing something you love loses its excitement. You begin to wonder why and step away to find the answers over time.

We all make time to do the things we love. Some are blessed to make their passion their career, and some pursue it in their leisure time. But for some, like me, who are clueless, we like to keep our doors open and take in every new opportunity.

But in the process of reaching towards…

Sujona Chatterjee

Living life the only way I know how — one day at a time. email:sujona92c@gmail.com

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