Over time you observe, analyse and then choose to switch on the ‘extrovert mode’.

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It may seem like talking to people is like a cakewalk for us extroverts. You may feel that getting that conversation going may not seem that difficult for us. You may also think that being an extrovert must be exhausting. Yes, you are right, it is. But there is another truth to being an extrovert. The fact is that we don’t want to be an extrovert all the time.

That’s why we have the ‘ambivert’. Oxford dictionary defines ambivert as –

A person who has a balance of extrovert and introvert features in their personality.

To think about it, most…

A poem

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Standing in front of the hot stove,
As I add the magical Indian spices,
The curry starts to smell heavenly,
And my mind goes wavering.

It transports me to a new heaven,
For a writer, traveling to a fantasy world is a given.
So, I dive deeper into the flavors of my thoughts,
While my curry soaks in the spices,
So that with time, it turns out delicious.

As I stare out the kitchen window,
My imagination takes flight.
The roads are lonely as ever,
As the second wave of COVID-19 keeps humans inside.

But then I return to my…

Privacy, I tell you, is challenging with Rukmini.

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‘Mom Rukmini is here’.

‘Oh no, does she ever leave you alone’?

‘Well, if she did, then we wouldn’t be in lurrrrve’.

Rukmini and my love affair started when the state government imposed a partial lockdown. That meant everything is shut (apart from essential services) from 11:00 AM to 7:00 AM.

For her, this was the best news possible. It meant that the world is now her oyster. However, it was ALWAYS hers, to begin with.

She made her first move on me early at 3:00 AM. I know the timing is perfect to start an erotic love affair. …

Its not you and me. Its us against the virus.

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Imagine with your morning cup of coffee,
Someone was able to breathe.
Someone was able to recover,
And join their family meals.

Imagine you sacrificing a double cheese pizza,
United a mother and son.
You were the light in someone’s darkness.
And now you receive the blessings of the morning sun.

Imagine that your one small effort,
Gave hope that they will live.
When everyone had given up hope,
Your small effort brought in oxygen.

Imagine that when countless souls are resting in peace,
You could save one. …

Help India breathe.

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I want to taste nature’s bliss,
But a virus got me caged.
I dream to touch the salty waves,
But my feet are locked as a new variant makes its way.

I won’t get drunk on wine,
But let me out instead.
The smell of flowers and wet grass,
Will get me intoxicated in moments I can bet.

Countless names turning into numbers,
And everywhere you look oxygen is the new gold and medicine silver.
Animals have shown humans their rightful place,
Humans are now begging to be let out and breathe fresh air.

People don’t know what vacations are…

Live in the now! The pandemic has taught us this lesson quite well.

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In season one of the epic show ‘Friends’, there is a scene where Monica asks Phoebe, ‘Phoebe, do you have a plan?’ to which Phoebe replies, ‘I don’t even have a pla’.

It sounds like quite the situation right now where all our plans have gone for a toss.

At some point in our lives, we all have had some aspect of our lives figured out. Jobs, relationships, goals, activities, you name it. Until COVID-19 wrecked all of it and gave us our biggest lesson — never plan.

Why do we plan? Because it gives us a sense of…

When the clouds of darkness appear, make way for the light.

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Sometimes you feel numb. You feel so low that no amount of distraction works. You can’t stop crying, and your mind refuses to accept any amount of positivity. You struggle to paint a smile and keep a poker face at work. When you want to write about it, no words seem to appear. It feels like this bottomless pit, and you keep falling.

Darkness then makes an appearance. The only emotion it leaves you with is hate and anger. In your head, you know that this is not you. …

I made it all about you, only to realise it was pointless.

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I would have walked through fire to kiss your lips

Do you still think about it, of what you did?

Still see your old apartment, like a bad trip

Wish I could forget all the places we’ve been

Song: Hope by The Chainsmokers

Some people have a profound impact on our lives. We choose to let them in, and they become a part of our existence. However, with time, they become the ‘reason for our existence’.

Why does this happen? Is it because we love them so much that it consumes every cell within our body? Or is it because…

When publications only accept submissions from the members of the Medium Partner Program — it hurts.

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Have you ever felt left out? Like you know, you deserve to be heard but are not given a platform because of the sign, ‘sorry, members only!’. I get it; some people want to be associated with only their niche. But what about those who do not have the option to be a member in the first place?

Members Only — It Sucks!

When browsing through submission guidelines of other pubs, one statement will put you off. The statement which says we only accept submissions from members who are a part of the Medium Partner Program (MPP).

Yeah, right, fine, but what about those countless…

We assume, stay up all night, only to realise that it costs our sleep and an extra cup of coffee.

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You must be familiar with the famous fable ‘The Boy Who Cried, Wolf’. To refresh your memory, here is the summary

The tale concerns a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his town’s flock. When a wolf actually does appear and the boy again calls for help, the villagers believe that it is another false alarm and the sheep are eaten by the wolf.

The moral taught to us back then was about how lying can cost you. But if you look deeper, there is another moral hidden. The moral being that…

Sujona Chatterjee

Living life the only way I know how — one day at a time.

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