Over time you observe, analyse and then choose to switch on the ‘extrovert mode’.

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It may seem like talking to people is like a cakewalk for us extroverts. You may feel that getting that conversation going may not seem that difficult for us. You may also think that being an extrovert must be exhausting. Yes, you are right, it is. But there is another…

Even if everything goes downhill, we will be rewarded with a life-changing experience if our intentions are right.

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“I don’t have any control over what actually happens except for that I have full control over my will for myself, my intention, and why I’m there. That’s all that matters.”


Growing up in a middle-class Indian family, I never had many wants. Whatever was given to me…

Maybe I have a soft corner for romances, but that doesn’t make me weak.

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“A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.”

— Charlie Chaplin

Hearts, flowers, and over-the-top gestures. Not that I am into them. Okay, maybe flowers and, to be precise, orchids.

Yes, I am a die-hard romantic, and I am not ashamed…

Sujona Chatterjee

Living life the only way I know how — one day at a time.

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